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Body Sculpting

As the name suggests, body sculpting or body contouring is a procedure that sets out to reshape certain areas of the body. With the advances of medical procedures, body sculpting is now also performed as a minimally invasive procedure to reduce areas of stubborn fat that have resisted exercise or dietary attempts through Liposuction. Body sculpting can be done in a variety of areas, the most popular being places like the hips, thighs, belly or knees. Age also brings with it a redistribution of body fat in localized areas. Love handles often become a problem. 


When Do We Recommend a Body Sculpting?

If you have tried diet and exercise to no avail to shift stubborn fat deposits or have areas that easily accumulate stored fat that exercise cannot really target, you’d be a perfect candidate for Body Sculpting treatments through Liposuction that is offered by The Face and Body Place.

Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure and not a weight loss procedure. It is often found that once a patient has undergone the procedure they pay more attention to their diet and exercise routines, aside from other lifestyle considerations and as a result, there is added weight loss as well. These treatments are inspirational for patients who have struggled with their body shape and have been unable to achieve results through other means.


When Do We Advise Against It?

At the time of consultation, our doctor will assess the patient both with respect to the prior medical and surgical history and the patient’s current state of health. An assessment will also be done of the areas desired to be treated. Based on a clinical assessment the doctor will make a recommendation for treatment. Any patient whose assessment poses risk factors will be advised against the treatment and alternate solutions sought.

As long as you are not pregnant, have a pacemaker or suffer from any liver disease, you would be assessed as a candidate for a body sculpting procedure. Body sculpting is not a cure, nor treatment for obesity, and if excessive amounts of fat need to be removed, it may not be effective.


How Does It Work?

Liposuction is performed in the comfort of The Face and Body Place, without the need for anaesthetics or a lengthy recovery. A mild sedative is administered along with medications that inhibit the minimal bleeding in the treatment areas. The patient is awake during the body sculpting procedure and feels no discomfort. Results can be seen generally in about 6 weeks after treatment and continue to improve for a three month period. Compression garments are being recommended for a short period afterwards.


What Are The Unwanted Effects / Risks Of The Treatment?

Treatment is usually done in one session, and may take anything between one and three hours, depending largely on the area being treated and its extent. There is limited bleeding or swelling during the procedure and return to normal activity is possible approximately two days after the procedure.

You will see a marked reduction in the deposits of fat, and a considerable improvement in the body shape after treatment. Your skin will look smoother and more toned. Exercise will need to be limited under instructions from your specialist at The Face and Body Place, usually for about 2 weeks post body sculpting treatment.

Side effects are few and are generally limited to bruising and slight discomfort in the area treated but these dissipate quickly. Infection is rare, and suitable antibiotic and/or pain medications may be prescribed as required.

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