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Carboxy Therapy Treatment

Carboxy Therapy is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment which is being touted as a significant advance in Aesthetic treatments. It was discovered in France, in the Royal Household spas, where bathing in carbon dioxide-rich water was shown to promote wound healing.

The treatment is done by injection of minute quantities of warmed, pharmaceutical-grade Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2) into the superficial skin for therapeutic purposes.


When Do We Recommend It?

When skin laxity and signs of ageing begin to show on the face, and skin loses its fresh, plump youthful look, a course of Carboxy Therapy treatment can make significant improvements to the areas treated, reducing the signs of ageing, and refreshing the appearance.

It is also a beneficial treatment for dark circles and thinning skin under the eyes, cellulite, stretch marks and other signs of ageing (see below).


How Does It Work?

As we age, the body undergoes a general slowing down in many of its normal renewal processes. We need oxygen to breathe, and so does your skin.

Part of the ageing process delivers less oxygen to the skin, as it is redirected where it is required most. It is estimated that oxygen levels in the skin drop by up to 25 percent by middle age. Because of this, the decline in the regeneration of collagen and cells causes the skin to slowly lose its elasticity and plumpness, which makes the skin look old. Additionally, the small subsurface veins start to become less active, so depriving cells of oxygen, and all of this adds to the degeneration process, accelerating both ageing, as well as skin irritations, inflammation and age spots.

Carboxytherapy treatment infuses warmed Carbon Dioxide gas beneath the skin in the areas being treated, using a fine needle. As the body recognizes this, it immediately interprets it as a lack of oxygen, and speeds oxygen flow to the area, improving circulation, which in turn stimulates cell reproduction, and breaks down fat.


When Do We Advise Against It?

If you have any serious medical problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, skin infections, are using Immuno-suppressant drugs, suffer from anaemia, or are pregnant or lactating, please advise your Specialist before commencing any treatment.


What Is The Typical Course Of Treatment?

For the face, a course of between four and six treatments is usually required for optimum results. Each session would last between 15 and 30 minutes and occur bi-weekly. Touch up treatments may be called for, on average, every six to eight months, depending on results. Lasting youthfulness is not an overnight miracle!


What Can You / Can’t You Expect From The Treatment?

There is minimal discomfort, and most describe the treatment as feeling like a dull throb or slight pressure in the treated area. Within a short period, the gas is completely absorbed and diffused by the body normally and there may be some redness or slight bruising. There is no pain afterwards, just a crackling sensation under the skin till the gas dissipates.

There is no downtime, and you can resume normal activity immediately. It is advisable not to rub or wet the treated areas for about 4 hours afterwards.


What Are The Unwanted Effects / Risks Of The Treatment?

There are no known risks or unwanted side effects with Carboxytherapy, and millions of people have been treated worldwide without reported adverse effects, provided medical conditions history are disclosed in advance to their treatment Specialist. It is considered totally safe.

CO2 occurs naturally in our bodies, and is not toxic, even in large doses if used correctly. The gas is produced naturally in the cells as a part of their respiration process.

Step by step treatment process


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