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Fat Transfer – Face, Hands & Hair

For men and women alike, who want to enhance or change the appearance of their face and hands or improve the growth of their hair, treat visible scars or reduce the unwanted effects of aging, Fat transfer is the ideal process to achieve such goals. Fat transfer to the face, hands and scalp, irrespective of the reasons for making the change, can be accomplished using a minimal amount of fat.

For patients seeking changes in their faces, and who want more significant results than can be achieved with treatments such as tissue fillers, fat transfer provides more significant and longer lasting results.

Fat transfer can provide an option for patients who are considering surgical interventions and not sure if that is the route they want to go.

Fat transfer offers both unique outcomes and at the same time similar effects to other interventions. Recovery times, as well as the attendant risks associated with fat transfer are less than compared to surgical interventions.

Results of fat transfer are effective and extremely natural!

When fat is harvested from parts of the body to place in the face or hands, treat hair or scars, the amount can be limited to that needed. In these cases, a “mini liposuction” or lipo- aspirate procedure is performed

Alternately a body sculpting liposuction procedure can be undertaken and immediately thereafter a small amount of that fat be transferred to the face. A combination treatment for both body and face (hands, hair)!


What Are The Different Types of Fat Transfer?

The most common reasons you may want to consider fat transfer for, are for example:

  • Anti-aging

When the tissues of the face age, there are changes in the bone structure, the muscle component, the fat compartments and the skin of the face. Fat transfer is a means by which you can significantly alter these effects and revitalize not only the volume but also the condition of all these tissue compartments. Loss of volume is often accompanied by changes in skin texture, colour, elasticity and overall appearance of the face. Fat transfer is the most significant way to enhance your skin and facial volume, returning your appearance to a natural former condition!

  • Tissue enhancement particularly the skin results from the placement of the fat beneath the skin. The various kinds of fat preparation that can be undertaken once fat is harvested gives rise to different ways in which the skin can be enhanced. Your resident doctor at The Face and Body Place will explain these in detail to you.
  • Scar or disfigurement repair. Transfer of fat poses a unique opportunity when combined with other skin treatments (such as laser, needling and deep chemical peeling) to reduce or eliminate acne or traumatic scars. The volumizing effect of transferred fat can be used to make improvements in disfigurement caused by trauma or from birth variances in the two sides of the face.
  • Shape or appearance changes can be achieved when you the patient desire to have a different appearance to the way you or others see yourself.
  • When fat is transferred to the hands, they undergo skin colour and textural improvement and there is also a reduction in the aged appearance of the hands.
  • Fat poses a unique opportunity to revitalize hair growth and condition. These treatments can be used for different kinds of hair loss (alopecia). Our doctor and clinical team at The Face and Body Place can guide you in such treatments that offer a natural-appearing result. The treatments can be combined with other scalp treatments.


The Consultation Process

First of all, a consultation with our resident doctor at The Face and Body Place is critical in the evaluation of a patient as a candidate for fat transfer. At the time of consultation, our doctor will assess you both with respect to your prior medical and surgical history as well as your current state of health. You will have the opportunity to discuss at length, for example, the areas of the body that concern you. In addition, you can discuss if you desire to combine the procedures of fat transfer and liposuction. Alternatively, you choose to do fat transfer only and therefore need a minimum amount of fat. In comparison to a liposuction procedure where larger volumes of fat are removed from the body.

It is important that your expectations are aligned with the capabilities of fat transfer and our team will ensure this.

At the time of consultation our resident doctor will explain the following terms to you and how they can best serve your desires in facial, hand and hair enhancement as well as how they can be used in treating scars and disfigurement. Each of these different kinds of fat product serve a unique as well as a combined effect in face and body enhancement as a part of the fat transfer process.

  • Micro fat transfer
  • Nano fat transfer

Fat is an important anatomic component of the facial structure and at the same time is responsible for a youthful appearance. In addition to achieving a natural appearance there are other benefits to facial enhancement with fat grafting:

  • other areas of the body get reshaped or sculpted as a part of the required liposuction procedure that fat transfer can be combined with
  • the scars from fat transfer are much less small than those with surgical procedures
  • fat transfer to the face can address asymmetry and scarring
  • the risks associated with significant surgical procedures are reduced or eliminated
  • there is enhancement of surrounding tissues especially the skin when fat is transferred. This is of great value in patients who have previous scarring from trauma or other causes.


Treatments That Can Be Combined With Fat Transfer?

A critical aspect to consider is given that you as a patient have expectations of the procedure, then is it medically possible to achieve those outcomes. We at The Face and Body Place will give you a detailed understanding so that you can make an informed and realistic decision about Fat Transfer for you!

Our doctor will also guide you in treatments that can be combined with face fat transfer. These depend on the individual patient but can include for example:

  • skin treatments that combine fat transfer with laser or mechanical treatments to reduce or eliminate stretch marks and previous scars
  • attending to facial asymmetry
  • enhancement of other areas you might not have considered, with fat transfer

When Do We Advise Against Fat Transfer?

First of all, any patient whose assessment poses risk factors will be advised against the treatment and alternate solutions sought. A couple of examples include pregnancy, patients with a history of liver disease or patients fitted with a pacemaker. Other clinical conditions are assessed individually and are discussed in the consultation. If the fat transfer is not right for you our doctor will guide you in alternate ways to achieve your desired goals. For that reason, you would need to have a consultation with our resident doctor at The Face and Body Place.

What Are the Side Effects / Risks Of The Treatment?

Bruising, swelling and discomfort are some of the side effects of the treatment. We maintain very high standards of medical and nursing care paying careful attention to issues around sterility and cleanliness. Our standards of care reduce the possibility of infection and other risks to the bare minimum. At the time of your consultation and then again at the pre-operative assessment, our doctor and other medical professionals will review these side effects and risks with you in detail.

Postoperative care is a vital part of the success of breast fat transfer and our clinical team will guide you extensively on how to take care of the treated area.

What Is the Typical Course Of Treatment?

After the initial consultation process and once you have decided to proceed with the fat transfer treatment, our team of medical professionals will arrange a pre- operative consultation for you. At this appointment you will meet with our doctor and nurse to prepare you for the treatment.

This pre-operative assessment includes an in- depth conversation around preparation for the procedure, the actual procedure itself and the after care. We take body measurements (if you are doing liposuction) and photographs of the areas to be treated and answer any questions that you may have at the time. All the necessary administrative and patient consent forms are completed. Our staff will also provide you with a prescription for pre- and post-procedure medications such as antibiotics and pain medication which you will bring with you on the day of the procedure.

Our staff will explain how you should prepare for the procedure and the logistics around your arriving at our facility on the appointed day. Our procedure is performed in a dedicated operating room that is part of an operating complex at a day clinic.

We will explain all that will take place during the procedure as well as in the recovery period afterwards. In addition, we will educate you on how to take care of yourself at home and as you return to your daily life. It is important that we answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our follow-up process is an essential part of the service we offer and critical to ensuring your non- eventful recovery from liposuction.

What Can You / Can’t You Expect from The Treatment?

Facial enhancement with Fat transfer is an incredible opportunity to revitalize and change the appearance of your face! Critical to the success of the treatment is an agreement between you the patient and our doctor on the desired outcomes and expectations. Since face fat transfer can be combined with liposuction, the liposuction treatment whilst a critical part of the procedure can also be undertaken to redefine those areas of the body that are of concern to you the patient. Only some of the fat that is removed from areas of the body will be used immediately thereafter for facial enhancement as part of a fat grafting procedure.

We will explain the recovery process to you in detail and guide you as to how to return to daily living. You will also be advised on the importance of post-surgical care of your face. This will include post-procedure dressings for the face and support garments for your body.

Immediate body responses to fat removal include bruising and swelling and occur to variable degrees in different patients. In addition, there will be limited tenderness as well as swelling in the face area. This will resolve over a short period of time and will be eased by the application of tape for 48 hours and thereafter the use of specialized creams that reduce inflammation and bruising.

The areas that undergo liposuction will also be supported by post-procedure garments which you will wear for up to 4 weeks.

At The Face and Body Place we understand the importance of returning to daily living and therefore use these post-procedure standards to ensure a speedy and uneventful recovery. Our medical team will guide you in the amount of time you need to take off from work if needed.

Recovery from breast fat transfer varies from patient to patient. Each patient will respond to the procedure and heal in their own way. We will guide you in this through our monthly post-operative assessment process. Once the recovery has occurred and the necessary healing has taken place there will be a visible improvement in the treated area.

What if I am not based in Johannesburg?

A consultation with our resident doctor is critical in the evaluation of a patient as a candidate for liposuction. We also make arrangements for out of town patients including Skype or WhatsApp consultations. For out of town patients we are able to make that long-distance decision easier.

For Out of Town or international consultations, we are able to advise you on whether or not you are a candidate for liposuction, and if so, we will be able to assist you with all the necessary requirements and costs involved. Furthermore, our administrative team will be able to guide you on your travel and accommodation requirements.

What does Fat transfer cost me?

At the time of our initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed quotation that includes all the anticipated costs. These include:

  • the procedure itself and the work performed by our doctor;
  • operating facility costs;
  • services provided by our anaesthetist:
  • ancillary costs such as post-procedure garments
  • In addition, there will be laboratory tests to be done and prescriptions for medications.

Medical Aid

Fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure not paid for by medical insurance however where laboratory tests are ordered, or prescriptions written by our doctor these will usually be covered. In rare cases where the procedure is undertaken for post-traumatic or birth defect conditions, certain insurance services may be willing to assist you.

Fat Transfer is a cosmetic procedure not paid for by medical insurance however where laboratory tests are ordered, or prescriptions written by our doctor these will usually be covered.

Our administrative team can also assist with financing options if these are required. Click here for Financing Options through MediFin Finance.

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