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What is Liposuction?

If you feel you have stubborn or unwanted fat deposits in one or other areas or if you are struggling with your body shape, then Liposuction is for you! The removal of unwanted fat deposits or contouring of body areas by Liposuction is a great way to boost your self-confidence and feelings about your body. 

The Face and Body Place offers you Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) to fulfil you interests in Liposuction and body contouring. There are a variety of procedures offered by other clinicians and facilities that attempt to mirror the results of Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) These other procedures use technologies that attempt to breakdown or remove fat. It is up to the individual to decide the procedure most suited to their needs. 

Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment but rather a body contouring process. That said, many patients who undergo Liposuction, also lose weight because they become more conscious of maintaining the body shape. Even more so after they have achieved their goals through liposuction as well as through lifestyle changes including diet and exercise that are key to maintain this appearance. Our doctor at The Face and Body Place will guide you in whether you are a candidate for Liposuction and if this can be combined with other wellness and body enhancing treatments. 

Is Liposuction safe?

Power Assisted Liposuction is a safe procedure. As with any surgical procedure no matter how invasive or not, there are inherent side effects, risks and potential complications. At The Face and Body Place we perform Liposuction under stringent guidelines and safety protocols in a dedicated surgical procedure room.

The procedure is performed under conscious or twilight sedation combined with local anaesthetic in the areas that are being treated. The avoidance of general anaesthesia further reduces the risks of the procedure. The team at The Face and Body Place are highly trained and rigorously ensure the safety and comfort of patients undergoing the treatment.

To be considered a candidate for the procedure requires and clinical evaluation by our doctor and clinical team. A detailed explanation of all that is involved in the procedure is given as well as a comprehensive layout the costs involved, and the steps required to undergo the procedure.

It is critical that the team evaluate your requirements and most importantly to assess that you are physically fit and a suitable candidate to undergo liposuction. Following the consultation and preliminary approval process, you will also undergo a detailed pre-treatment appointment to prepare you for the procedure. 

Who is a good Liposuction candidate?

A patient who is dedicated to maintaining the outcome of the procedure with a healthy lifestyle will ensure that the results can be maintained. Stubborn areas of fat that a patient struggles to eliminate with diet or exercise are ideal for removal with liposuction.

Who is not a good candidate for Liposuction?

At the time of consultation, our doctor and clinical team will assess you both with respect to prior medical and surgical history as well as your current state of health. Where conditions exist that can be treated medically these solutions will be offered to the patient before Liposuction can be considered. The procedure cannot be performed on pregnant woman and those fitted with a pacemaker as well as those with significant illnesses. 

For these reasons, it is essential to undergo the clinical evaluation so that guidance can be given. The Face and Body Place also offers theMyZest4Life™ Lifestyle program which is geared to assist patients with lifestyle changes involving coaching, eating programs, exercise regimes and support with Medical Foods and Supplements to reduce or eliminate risk factors for metabolic and other diseases. In many patients, a combination of Liposuction and one of the MyZest4Life™ planis the ideal combination for the most effective outcomes.  

How long is the surgery?

Most surgeries are between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the areas being treated. 

How many areas can be done during Liposuction?

The number of areas of unwanted fat that can be treated varies both according to what you want to achieve aesthetically together with what is medically appropriate for you the patient. 

Our doctor will guide you in the number of areas that are able to be treated from an aesthetic perspective and more importantly whether the combination of areas you desire to treat is medically possible without any undue risk. Our doctor and clinical team will evaluate each patient in accordance with stringent guidelines to determine what can be achieved.  

When can I exercise?

Patients can move around cautiously a day or so after surgery. Daily activities can resume after 48 hours however NO exercise can be undertaken for four weeks after the procedure. The team will guide you in accordance with the treatment performed and taking your individual circumstances into account. Exercise performed before the clinical team says it is OK for you can delay your recovery and cause unnecessary complications. 

When do I see the results?

Follow up consultations are done at monthly intervals for 3 months after the procedure. Each patient heals differently, however, most of the swelling is down between by 21-30 days and the final result are best evaluated at 90 days. Post-surgical garments are worn for 30 days and so no swelling is visible.

Given that most patients undertake lifestyle changes as part of the comprehensive plan to achieve their desired outcomes, then very often it can take up to 6 months to evaluate these combined outcomes. The team will carefully guide you through the post-surgical recovery period, help you with your expectations and adjustments.  

Can I combine Liposuction with other procedures?

Yes, other procedures that can be done with your Liposuction procedure.  Combination treatments include MyZest4Life Wellness programs and Fat Transfer procedures. Liposuction can also be combined with other non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as cellulite treatments and micro-needling and laser treatments. 

What happens at my consultation?

Your first contact will be with our Patient Care Coordinator who will assist with preliminary questions and arrange your consultation with our doctor. 

At the time of consultation, our doctor and our Nurse will evaluate your prior medical history and state of health. There will be a clinical evaluation of the areas of your body you desire to be treated. The team will give you guidance as to how the procedure is undertaken and are readily available to answer any questions you may have.

Once this is done, you will receive your surgical plan and a complete breakdown of costs. Should you desire to undergo the treatment then at that time a booking will be made for both a pre-op appointment with a member of the nursing team as well as an appointment for the procedure itself. Our Patient Care Coordinator will manage you through the entire process. 

What happens prior to surgery?

Once you have elected to move forward with procedure, a pre-op appointment will be scheduled and must occur at least 7 business days prior to your surgery date. Blood tests will be required, and the necessary arrangements made for those.

This pre-op appointment will include pre-op consents forms, pre and post-op instructions, photographs and garment measurements. You will also meet with Dr Cohen one more time, so he can answer any remaining questions you may have.  

What happens post-surgery?

Immediately following the surgery, the post-surgical garments are fitted to aid in a feeling of comfort and reduce swelling. You will remain at the facility for the better part of the day of the procedure. The local anesthetic is effective for 12 to 24 hours following liposuction, keeping you comfortable and relatively pain-free.

After Liposuction, patients may be sleepy from the conscious sedation. Occasionally there is mild nausea which our team will attend to. We keep you on IV fluids for the time you are with us and if you are hungry then we will give you something to nourish you that is easy to digest. You are not able to drive after the procedure and will need to be collected. It is important that you have someone to take care of you at home, and if not, overnight care can be arranged.

Post-procedure pain medications, as well as those for swelling, are given to reduce any discomfort. Depending on the number of areas and specific areas that are treated you will be able to return to work within a few days however physical activity must be limited. The day following the procedure you will return to our facility for a wound check and change of dressings. At your 1-week post-op appointment, the sutures will be removed.

Should you have a need to travel after the procedure this will be evaluated at the time of your consultation. Post op evaluation appointments will take place monthly for 3 months.  

When is Liposuction recommended?

Liposuction is most effective for removing stubborn or unwanted fat deposits that do not respond to dieting or exercising. Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, but rather is a body contouring or body sculpting procedure. As it turns out, weight loss generally comes about as a result of Liposuction, but it is not the intended purpose of the procedure. Liposuction produces the best results when combined with a MyZest4Life™ wellness program. Our team will guide you in the options available for you. 

Liposuction can also be used to treat conditions such as lipomas (benign fatty tumours) and gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts). 

How much fat is typically removed?

During Liposuction, the appropriate amount of fat is removed to sculpt the body area being treated. A natural appearance is the desired outcome. It all depends on your unique case. The goal is not to remove as much fat as possible, but rather to remove just the right amount in the right areas. There are significant risks to removing too much fat and our doctor and clinical team will guide you in this. 

Are there any possible complications?

The techniques used at The Face and Body Place are safe and effective at achieving appropriate results. Liposuction is a safe procedure, but there are risks, side effect and potential complications that are associated with any surgical procedure. At the time of your initial consultation as well as at the pre-op consultation we will discuss all these with you. 

What are the limitations of liposuction?

Liposuction is not a weight loss technique. It is important for us to understand your desired outcomes and to evaluate you clinically so that we may guide you toward the best possible outcomes. We use liposuction solely as a body shaping procedure for areas where fat deposits have proven to be resistant to diet and exercise. The best results from liposuction occur in body areas where there is reasonable muscle tone, where the skin has good elastic quality, and where fat is not excessive. In cases where there is a significant loss of elasticity, proper cosmetic results may require a combination of both liposuction and surgical skin tightening to remove the excessive loose tissue. 

What is the most fat that can be removed?

The safe limit for one surgery is five litres. But more importantly, it is not the amount of fat that limits the surgery but what amount of treatment is suitable in your case based on your body and your medical history. 

At what age can a patient have liposuction performed?

Provided all physical criteria are met for Liposuction candidacy, Liposuction can technically be performed on anyone 15 (with appropriate parental consent) – 75 years old. Skin elasticity is a primary consideration when performing liposuction and this will be discussed with you at the time of consultation. As one’s age advances, skin elasticity is reduced. If our doctor feels that the elasticity of your skin is concerning, then he will point this out to you and suggest other procedures to help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Is liposuction better before or after pregnancy?

When a patient has unwanted or stubborn fat that is the time to remove it!  Liposuction cannot be done if a patient is pregnant, nursing or planning pregnancy in the near future. Each case is unique, and our doctor can recommend which procedure will best suit your needs, before or after pregnancy.

What happens if I gain weight after liposuction?

When Liposuction is performed correctly, the contours of the body should be permanently improved. A patient cannot gain weight as a direct result of liposuction. If there is weight gain after, then lifestyle issues need to be re-evaluated and other medical conditions considered.  

Does liposuction hurt?

Most patients report minimal discomfort under conscious sedation and may be unaware of the entire procedure. Discomfort in the post-surgical period varies by patient and the clinical team will ensure that you are comfortable throughout this period. 

What about touch-ups?

Touch ups are seldom required. The relationship we develop with our patients enables regular communication to address any concerns. 

What are the chances of irregularities, dimples, or asymmetry occurring after liposuction?

The chance of defects or flaws after liposuction is very low. Pre-procedure evaluation is very important and great care is taken during the procedure to ensure satisfactory outcomes. If our doctor feels your chances of irregularities are high due to poor skin elasticity or skin tone, he will discuss this with you extensively and may recommend other treatment options.  

Will I have loose skin after Liposuction?

Liposuction does not increase loose skin. If anything, once the fat is removed from behind the skin, then there will be less of a weight behind the skin causing it to sag. With an effective procedure and attention to lifestyle factors including but not limited to exercise, skin tone can be improved. Skin elasticity is vital for a good outcome. For this reason, our doctor will perform a thorough examination to determine your skin elasticity and carefully explain your potential outcomes to you. 

Are there post liposuction scars?

Each incision is no more than 5-10mm in length. A single suture is required for each wound. However, these are usually well-hidden and heal without incident.  

How long do I need to wear the compression garment?

Patients are generally asked to wear the compression garment for 30 days following the procedure. 

Do I go home the same day?

Yes, you go home after surgery. However, it is necessary to have someone take you home and care for you that evening. If this is not possible, we can provide overnight care. It is recommended that you do not drive for the first 72 hours after surgery. 

When can I fly?

In most cases you may fly 4-5 days after the surgery as long as you are able to walk around every hour while on the plane. 

How much does liposuction cost?

There are many factors that are considered when quoting Liposuction costs. 


  • Number of areas to be treated
  • Procedure room set up fees 
  • Conscious sedation fees 
  • Overnight care if needed 
  • Medication 
  • Garments
  • Additional or combination treatments 

Each of these factors will be assessed prior to your procedure and you will be given a quote. The number may change slightly up or down through the course of the procedure. 

What are the side effects of liposuction?

Minor side effects will accompany liposuction, such as bruising, swelling and numbness. These are very temporary and will likely resolve in the first several days after surgery. If they persist, our team is available to help with anything you need. 

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