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What is Reboot?

Our wellness program REBOOT is created in a way that aids your body into establishing new, easier and healthy pathways in burning the right “fuels” for you not only to reduce weight, but improve health, energy, and longevity! REBOOT, in short, is a 90 Day program designed to train your body to use and burn fat and not sugar by supporting the body along a healthier, fresher pathway.

The REBOOT Programme will give you the tools to cut out these inflammatory foods and this only takes 30 Days. If you can eliminating the kinds of food that are fuelling the inflammatory fire, you could put the fire out altogether. When you achieve this you give your body an opportunity to utilise its resources to start healing and reset your metabolism.

Your body will become a fat burning, muscle building machine and you will be full of energy again with less pain and more agility. You will learn the profound effect that your diet is having on your health, on your sleep, on your energy and on your weight.


How does the programme work?

  1. Your initial consultation is set up to evaluate your medical history, your current eating patterns and address areas of concern. This information is invaluable to the approach of your plan.
  2. Complete your Blood Tests as established in your Consultation.
  3. Blood Test results are used to aid in the laying out a clear understanding of your body’s current state. In this consultation we discuss these results, the impact, your desired outcome and then establish the corrective course suited to your needs. Any necessary supplementation will be prescribed and explained.
  4. Weekly Follow Up Appointments – Added support and guidance for you to connect and correct your past weeks progress, monitor successes and address concerns.
  5. Blood tests, check in, InBody Scan analysis and to measure successes against your initial desired outcome.

Our Promise to YOU!

No scales, besides the one at our offices. We are interested in body composition. We want you to build muscle and burn fat while losing cm’s and scales do not give you that kind of detail. We want your focus to be on feeling better than you ever have. We don’t want you to miss out on the incredible long term benefits of this program. NO measuring of food! No calorie counting! The abundance of fresh, healthy choices and all the support you need to succeed.

Your promise to yourself

Your only job is to stick to the REBOOT Extreme program for 30 days. No matter what happens, no matter which special occasions pop up, no matter how busy you are or how much pressure and stress you are under. You deserve to be well. You are worth this effort. There may be no cheats, no slips, no “just this one”. You need the full 30 days to see the benefit. Even a tiny amount of the forbidden foods can trigger the inflammatory cascaded and then we are back to square one. Any amount of starch or sugar will stop your body from burning fat for 48 hours. Any amount of alcohol will stop your body from burning fat for 72 hours.

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