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Stem cell Banking

What can I use my stem cells for?

 Stem cells, specifically those taken from adult fat called Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), offer you a multitude of potential and emerging applications in regenerative medicine; and for many intractable afflictions.

As MSC are found in abundance in your own fat it’s now possible for a physician to harvest a small sample of your own fat (5ml to 10ml) in a short outpatient procedure; and for reDermis® to isolate the MSC from your fat to cryopreserve these stem cells almost indefinitely for your personal use.

It may sound ‘to good to be true’ that one type of stem cell can do so much, but it’s a fact of medical science that MSC have many applications in regenerative medicine, and their safety and efficacy have been confirmed by a large number of pre-clinical and clinical studies. ‘Mother Nature’ gave our own stem cells a therapeutic power that is far greater than science can hope to replicate; we should take advantage of the potential that belongs to ourselves.

Authorised by the Department of Health as a Stem Cell Institution No. J1/2/4/6 SCB-003112014

Stem cell Banking: Six Easy Steps

How are your stem cells, collected, processed & stored? It is a simple and safe procedure that can benefit you now, or in the future.

Step 1

Registration for stem cell banking and appointment with doctor to discuss stem cell banking & your health.

Step 2

30 min outpatient collection of 5-10 ml of your fat. Blood transmissible disease safety tests also undertaken.

Step 3

Fat transported to our ISO Class 5 Grade A cleanroom for isolation over 48 hours & 10 days of monitored stem cell concentration.

Step 4

A small proportion of your stem cells undergo a total of 15 quality & safety checks.

Step 5

Your isolated stem cells will be cryogenically stored indefinitely or until you need them.

Step 6

You will be notified of your successful storage & stem cell count through your storage certificate.

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