Over the weekend I went to my closet, and I put on a specific T-Shirt, the last time I had it on it was sitting tight on me. But now when I put it on again it fitted perfectly. I went to the scale and saw I lost about 6kg, and it felt amazing. One big issue I use to have was swelling and Irritation on my skin. Now since I started the My Zest 4 Life program the swelling and irritation has gone away and it’s a good feeling.

I feel fresh when I wake up in the mornings, normally I would wake up irritated with my skin that was itchy but that’s gone now and when I get up in the mornings, I feel energetic and I’m looking forward to the day. Usually when I drove to work by the time, I would get to work I would feel tired and fatigued, but now I finally feel different I don’t get fatigued from driving to work and I’m ready to face the day head on. My wife can defiantly see all the results I’m getting from the My Zest 4 Life program and the positive change it has had on me and my body. She even said to me she also wants to join the program.


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