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We are leaders in the field of Aesthetics, Regenerative Health and Wellness Coaching.

The Clinical Team at The Face and Body Place have been offering guidance, treatment solutions and other offerings in our field for over 14 years. We stand apart by offering global solutions to your needs rather than isolated offerings with less satisfying results. The fields of Aesthetics, Regenerative Health and Wellness are a rapidly growing market. Above all, we at The Face and Body Place are here to serve you with experience, know-how and trust!


The Journey to a New You Starts Here!

Situated at 5 Willow Brook St, Birnam, Johannesburg – The Face and Body Place sets an exceptional standard in the assessment of your needs and guidance on the options available to you. Whether your interests are in anti-ageing face treatments, body sculpting procedures, Regenerative Health opportunities or Wellness and lifestyle coaching, our team of medical and aesthetic professionals as well as coaching personnel, aided by capable support personnel are here to assist you.

Our medical and aesthetic staff have many years of experience in their fields of speciality and have been trained both locally and internationally in the latest research, guidance and treatments available for you.

At The Face and Body Place, we ensure the highest level of professionalism, client confidentiality, and service excellence to you our clients. Our years of experience in our industry, forms the foundation of our offering. Ours is a partnership with you, a relationship intent on achieving satisfaction and confidence in our team and most importantly ensuring you achieve the highest level of self-empowerment through our interactions.


When it comes to treatments and product offerings, we offer those that are internationally renowned and scientifically based. At The Face and Body Place there are no gimmicks and no fads, but rather offerings that truly work for you!

Our Expert Services


The Face and Body Place - Expert Consulting Analysis
Expert Consulting and Analysis

At The Face and Body Place, each client receives personalised care, thorough a thoughtful consultation with our doctor. We base our guidance and offerings on your individual needs, expectations and desired outcomes.

Aside from a consultation with our doctor we offer tools to aid in the evaluation of your needs and concerns. These tools which include, a Body Composition analysis and laboratory testing ensure that the guidance and solutions we offer you the client are the right ones for you!

The Face and Body Place - InBody Scan
Professional Body Composition Analyzer

An InBody Scan provides an assessment of the essential components of your body including muscle, fat and water content.

The scan evaluates the distribution of these critical compartments of your body and enables us to evaluate your state of wellness and thereby guide you in recommendations for achieve outstanding health and wellness through the programs we offer at The Face and Body Place.

The Face and Body Place - Comprehensive Blood Profile
Comprehensive Blood Profile

Laboratory evaluation including amongst others blood, DNA, Advanced urinalysis for hormonal profiles are an essential component of a comprehensive consultation and evaluation process.

The results of the laboratory tests enable our doctor and team of clinical professionals to guide you in solutions to achieve the results you are looking for.

The Journey to A new You begins with a Consultation with our Clinical Team.

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