Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are usually the first signs of aging and are the result of reduced elastin and collagen in the dermis or deeper layer of the skin. The development of fine lines is most often seen initially in those highly active areas of facial expression around the mouth and the eyes. There is often a degree of asymmetry to the lines, as we tend to smile or frown more on one side than the other or consistently sleep on the same cheek.

Your skin changes as you age. You might notice wrinkles, age spots and dryness. Your skin also becomes thinner and loses fat, making it less plump and smooth. It might take longer to heal, too. Whatever the changes that may occur, your skin and your features appear and feel different over time.

There are several factors that contribute to the process aging in the skin aside from the passing of time. As time passes, the body and the skin undergo changes.  Lifestyle factors and the genetic composition of your body play a key role in your aging process in all tissues and in particular in your skin. These factors are all interconnected:

  • What you eat and drink
  • How you exercise
  • The amount of quality sleep you get
  • Stress in your life and how you deal with it
  • Exposure to toxins in the atmosphere
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Chronic illness

Lifestyle hormonal changes play a significant role in the ageing of the skin and the development of fine lines. Dietary habits, and other factors, like cigarette smoke and environmental toxins have an inflammatory effect on the skin and lead to dryness (which contribute to lines) and loss of elasticity.

The various degrees of severity that are found:

  • Mild – Fine lines and wrinkles which can be adequately covered by make-up.
  • Moderate – Can also be covered with make-up, but it will not hide the lines as effectively. This form is typically early wrinkling, with a sallow complexion.
  • Advanced – Requires coverage by foundation, rather than make-up. This is persistent wrinkling, often accompanied by skin discolouration, with broken blood vessels, sun damage, and skin laxity.
  • Severe – Deep and severe wrinkling and furrows, usually with sunspots, neither of which can be adequately disguised by make-up or foundation.

At The Face and Body Place we can evaluate your skin condition and give you guidance on how to reduce the fine lines on your skin and general skin ageing:

  • Lifestyle factors to help take better care of your skin. Our MyZest4Life wellness programs have a significant benefit for the skin
  • Chemical Peels
  • Micro-needling treatments
  • Laser treatments
  • Laser pigment removal
  • Laser vein treatments
  • Depigmenting chemical peels
  • Volumizing treatments using fillers or fat

Treatment Options

Superficial Peels

The name is quite descriptive of the procedure layers of skin are gently peeled away by a solution, usually water-soluble glycolic acid (obtained from fermented sugar) or salicylic acid (from willow bark), applied topically to reveal smoother, healthier and more even toned skin.

Medium Peels

This treatment renews the skin by lifting dead cells from the skin surface and stimulating the metabolism of the cells beneath. A series of TCA (trichloracetic acid – made by chlorinating acetic acid) peels can effectively improve the appearance of superficial lines and uneven…

Deep Peels

Penetrating several layers of skin, using a solution called Phenol, this treatment is extremely effective for regeneration of the skin structure. It provides a total rejuvenation effect, which can help you to look up to ten years younger. 

Muscle relaxing injectable

The treatment involves the injection of Muscle Relaxing Injectable (or a similar neuromodulator products) into specific muscles with a very fine needle, which relaxes the contraction response of the muscles by blocking certain nerve impulses temporarily.

Tissue Fillers

Most soft Tissue Fillers are either Hyaluronic Acid, or collagen based. Both are naturally occurring substances in the body.  Hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance, is injected below the skin in areas that need plumping and filling, to temporarily reverse sagging…

Blue Light Therapy

In general, Laser Blue Light Therapy for Acne and Acne treatments are a safe and non-invasive method of treating acne. Blue Light Therapy targets the sebaceous glands, and not the surrounding tissues, killing the bacteria that cause acne. Many patients see significant improvement in their acne after two to four weekly treatment sessions of blue light therapy. 

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